Galigrain expands its facilities in the Outer Port of La Coruña

27 July 2016


 July 27, 2016

The combined surface area of both concessions totals about 14,000 sq. m..

The Port Authority of La Coruna recently announced in the State Gazette the award of two new concessions to Galigrain in the Outer Port of Punta Langosteira, with a combined surface area of ​​nearly 14,000 sq. m.

Specifically, one of the concessions that the Port of La Coruna has granted includes the construction and operation of a facility for bulk agro-food traffic or any other commodity suitable for storage there. This is an area of ​​3,046.68 sq. m. located in the B1 area of the Port, with a term of 35 years and annual land occupancy fees of 8,454 Euros per square metre, plus 5.5% tax.

With its control of the surface area in both concessions, GrupoNogar will expand its goods storage and distribution facilities up to 30,000 square metres, located in the area adjacent to the 900 metre long main pier. Galigrain operates with different goods in the warehouses, mainly bulk agro-foods, which together with coal and coke are the products on which most business is focused in Punta Langosteira.

Source: Supply Chain

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