GrupoNogar in La Voz de Galicia Special Report on the Port of Marín

31 March 2016


 March 31, 2016

Linked to the Port of Marin for more than seventy years

GrupoNogar offers its clients a wide range of services

It was back in 1942 when Ceferino Nogueira founded GrupoNogar. After more than seventy years, the company remains true to the spirit it was born with, although it has adapted to the times. Today, it maintains a fully family-based structure combined with a staff of professionals with experience in different areas of maritime trade.
In recent years, the Company’s progress has been marked by international expansion on the one hand, and by a “search for new business ventures” on the other, as the firm’s website states. This translates in GrupoNogar being present primarily in four business areas: logistics, commercial trading, real estate and renewable energies.
In regard to this latter business, by participating in Atlantic Energias Renováveis, the group is present in various states in Brazil, where it operates a number of wind farms and small hydroelectric plants. “Some further wind farms (two thousand megawatts) are also under study and development and should be presented at the next public tenders of the Brazilian National Agency of Electrical Energy”, they highlight on the website.
These are not the only areas in renewable energies where GrupoNogar is active, as it has also been a pioneer in the use of biogas in Brazil. In fact, it developed the first thermal power plant installed in a medium-sized waste dump in Brazil. Energy is generated by capturing methane gas produced by more than 350 tons of solid urban waste deposited daily on the local landfill.
All this work is supplemented by the transformation of forest areas in Private Reserves of Sustainable Development.

Other areas.
Similarly, the group is a national and international benchmark in terms of logistics. The services we offer include all port operations and activities from ship agents to warehousing and storage, as well as goods transport and handling, stevedoring, loading and off-loading of all kinds of cargoes. In addition, its clients have access to cold store terminals and container import-export management via a worldwide forwarding service network.
“We currently manage agro-food and general cargo terminals in six Galician ports, a container terminal in Paranagua (Brazil) and the port of Pisco in Paracas (Peru)”, they stressed. In regard to standard commerce, GrupoNogar specialises in commodities trading to ensure the supply of products that, in certain situations, may be difficult to supply. Similarly, they have side businesses engaged in preparing animal foodstuffs, as well as others focused on new technologies in the field of telecommunications and GPS positioning.
Finally, in real estate, they actively develop both domestic housing and industrial estates. In fact, the Group’s trademark is present on the new development planned for the business park of O Vao in Pontevedra.

Port of Marin. New ventures.
Last January, the local board of government of Marin granted Galigrain, a subsidiary company of GrupoNogar, building permits for three buildings in the port of Marin. As they announced at the time, these buildings shall be used as changing rooms and workshops for their ship agency and stowage of goods, administrative offices, and fuel refilling facilities.

Source: La Voz de Galicia | Special Report on the Port of Marin | Thursday, 31st March 2016

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