Langosteira protected against pollution with ecological hoppers

23 July 2015


 July 23, 2015

GrupoNogar erected the first unit worth one million euros

The Port and its operators, shipping agents the operate in the inner port of La Coruña, are betting strongly and decisively on the new port facilities at Punta Langosteira, and above all to ensure that all operations carried out on the new piers off the coast at Arteixo are conducted in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

GrupoNogar has recently taken one of the latest measures to guarantee work at Langosteira is performed to maximum health standards. The company, one of the most important operators working in the Port of La Coruña, has just set up an ecological hopper for off-loading bulk solids in the Outer Port, especially bulk foodstuffs for livestock in Galicia and Castilla. This is one of the most sophisticated items of anti-pollution equipment in the entire port sector of Europe, a spokesman for the Port Authority of La Coruña stated.

GrupoNogar invested around one million euros to prepare the new ecological system, comprising a hopper to receive bulk goods, especially cereals, equipped with the most sophisticated technology systems on the market to prevent environmental pollution during off-loading.

In fact, the new unit is designed with state-of-the-art technology and systems to prevent or at least minimise as much as possible any emission of air-borne particles “and which will also prevent the dust cloud from reaching the houses closest to Langosteira, which are situated two kilometres away”, stated the spokesperson for the port community.

A 120,000 kilogram machine

The ecological hopper was outfitted with all the latest equipment at the Centenario Norte pier. Once the work had been completed, GrupoNogar’s high-capacity crane loaded it onto a merchant ship in Cedeira, belonging to the Coruña shipping line Navigasa. The vessel then transferred the unit to the new port facilities at Punta Langosteira. The Galician shipping agent is waiting for construction of its new facilities – warehouses in the outer port – to be completed: “it looks like they may be finished by next August”.

Once the warehouses are finished, bulk solid operations handled by GrupoNogar, particularly cereals, will be moved to the new outer port and handling shall be carried out in such a way as to minimise air pollution.

Punta Langosteira, new port facilities built on the coast of Arteixo, is already fulfilling its mission of moving the most polluting traffic flows in La Coruña from the inner port, and of ensuring that pollution does not reach the houses near the new pier on the coast of Arteixo, which are located about two kilometres from the new port.

Punta Langosteira is proving the effectiveness of its construction. Over the last year, it has become the fruitful nexus of port-city relations. Port users and the Port Authority itself are making huge investments to minimise environmental pollution.

It should be remembered that since the new pier came into service, Bombeos Carral have moved part of their cement off-loading to Langosteira. After that, off-loading of cargoes of clinker, a product used to manufacture cement, was moved from the inner piers of La Coruña to the new dock.

In addition, in late April this year, Terminales Maritimos de Galicia began to handle coke, a petroleum by-product, at its new facilities in Punta Langosteira, while Bergé y Bergé y Cia off-loaded 50,000 tons of coal destined for Endesa power stations in Castilla-Leon at the new piers on 28th May last.

Source: La Voz de Galicia

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