15 April 2015


 April 15, 2015

Angela Beltran, known to everybody as ‘Angelita’, passed away on 12th April.

She started working in our company in 1962 and retired in 2010 – those were 48 years of efficient, tireless work in the Accounts department.
But retirement did not mean rest for Angelita. She was devoted in body and soul to the Asociación de la Lucha contra el Cáncer de Marin, of which she became President. In the end it was cancer, that treacherous and unforgiving enemy, that exhausted her energies and took her away. Now her body lies at rest but the memory of her vitality, joy and kindness encourage us to continue working in this building we call the Company, which stands on firm foundations that Angelita helped to build.

May she rest in peace.

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