A Coruña Terminal

Longitude: 8° 23' W | Latitude: 43° 21' N

4,230 metres of commercial docks.
Maximum draught: 17 metres.
Railroad access to wharves and warehouses.
We have 67,000 square metres of indoor storage with a capacity for 300,000 tons, both at the port and in surrounding areas.
Currently installing pollution control to enable direct and automatic off-loading of bulk solids from ship to warehouse.

Punta Langosteira

The Outer Port at Punta Langosteira is currently under construction.
921.5 metres berthing for bulk solids.
Maximum draught: 22 metres.
In this “future” port, we have applied for a concession for a 9,500 square metre warehouse with a capacity of 70,000 tons.

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