Pisco-Paracas Terminal

Longitude: 76° 17' 25" W | Latitude: 13° 47' 47" S

The Paracas Consortium, which we form part of through Servinoga, s.l., was awarded the tender to design, build and operate the “Terminal Portuario General San Martin Port" in the town of Pisco, 250 kilometres south of Lima (Peru) for 30 years.
The Paracas Consortium, which also includes the Brazilian firms Pattac Empreendimentos e Participaçôes, Tucuman Engenharia e Empreendimentos Ltda and Fortesolo Serviços Integrados, achieved the highest rating among a group of four bidders in the final stage of the tender contest. The initial mandatory works shall be carried out within three years and include modernising the multi-purpose berthing lines, a storage yard, construction of the outer port, dredging the approach channel to a depth of at least 12 metres, and building vessel turning and mooring areas. In addition, it foresees the installation of support facilities and utility supply networks, as well as port equipment including a port tractor, forklift trucks, travelling cranes and mobile absorbent equipment for grains, among others.

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